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The Name Game

  Growing up and going on trips with two younger brothers we would often have to find ways to occupy our time. One of the games that we played was this word association game. One of us would think of a noun and the other would say the first thing that came to mind. "Fire" would usually produce a response of "Hot" or "Burn" or sometimes "Water" get the idea. Well, I would like to play that games with you. Ready? Go! 






  When reading those names there was something that occurred. You made a face or smiled or grimaced or started singing. You might have thought of all the single ladies, the colors orange and purple and you are probably hungry for some Campbells soup. What about that last word though? When you think about Precision  you probably think about something that is on point. Something that hits the mark every time regardless of how many times its is used.  At Precision Trim and Carpentery we want our name to be synonymous with the accuracy and dependablity that you expect when someone is working on your home. A name has to mean something and taking pride in that name is something that we don't take lightly. That's why you can trust Precision Trim and Carpentery in helping you turn your house into a home! 

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