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Connect the Dots

Over the Christmas Holiday I was doing a little cleaning throughout the house and garage. While organizing the garage trying to find a place for tools and a small collection of random things that I'm not sure where they came from or why I'm still hanging on to, I came accross something special. A tool box. Built heavy and sturdy, it wasn't the most beautiful thing to look at but it was practical and it got the job done  and by the dings, scratches and scars seen on the surface, it had gotten it done many times. The toolbox and tools in it were recognized as soon as I saw it. I had seen it many times before while randomly searching for things before. It was my Grandfather's tool box. 

     I have always grown up amongst carpenters. My grandfather went after he got out of the military and learned the trade and my father after him. My grandfather passed away when I was 8 so I never had the opportunity to learn much about the trade from him, although I can see his handiwork in the things that he made that have been passed down, an old cedar chest, the toolbox, some bookends...the list goes on.  I would often ask my father about the things that he did, and generally it would always be said by him, "If I get to be half as good as your grandfather was with a circular saw, that would be something." I could see the pride in his eyes when he spoke about his dad in such a way. The desire to become great with a tool that he fondly remembers him using. 

     For whatever reason we associate things that are old with craftmanship and quality. Maybe it's because wood was harder and "men were tough". Maybe it's because automation and processing has made materials and products less long-lasting. We can all come up with different conclusions. 

     One thing that can be assured is that we have found a way to connect the dots.  We may have new tools, battery operated nail guns and laser levels but the craftsmanship and quality that you are left with after choosing us to do a job will be there. Just as it was with our fathers and their fathers before them.  It's not about the tools, the materials, or how fast/slow it's done. It's about taking pride in our work. It's about making the mistakes that they did and learning from them, it is about going back to the cutting table as many times as it takes to get the perfect match on a miter. That's what you deserve and that's what you will receive with Precision Trim and Carpentery.  We hope that you will start the New Year by connecting the dots between the house that you have and the home that you've always wanted.

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