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Well Who Is Going To Pay For This?

It happens. Trouble finds us all. Over a long enough time line accidents will occur. Maybe you scratched your hardwood floor while moving a heavy piece of furniture? Maybe you knocked the tv over goofing around with the kids. Maybe you drove into the garage door. Honest, yet costly mistakes.

When you invite a professional into your home he is also susceptible to the same trouble as anyone one else. But now, he is in your home. He scratches the floor. He knocks over the TV. He drives into the garage door. He falls off of a ladder. Well, maybe not all in the same visit. But you get the idea. After an accident there should never be the question "Who is going to pay for this." But hey....who is going to pay for this? In the right situation on the wrong day it could be you, the homeowner.

Right now, you are doing your homework. You are clicking links to blogs and taking time to read up on who your dealing with and what to expect. That's very smart! Truth is, everyday people are driving, living, and working without insurance. So sometimes you might hear something like "This guy said he would patch my drywall for $60"

Good, awesome, that's a great deal if it is done right. But if he falls off of the ladder and knocks over the tv and the TV scratches the hardwood floor and he reverses into your garage door while trying to get out of the driveway on his way to the medcheck with NO insurance. Who is going to pay for this? Was $60 really a great deal? Okay.. okay... I went a little far to drive that point home. But this post just went full circle and I did it with half the words as someone else may have used. Your welcome. :) So like I was saying..... honest, well meaning and skilled handymen and carpenters are everywhere. I have been blessed to have worked with some of the BEST in Indianapolis. When liability is involved though well meaning doesn't mean much. You as a homeowner want the problems fixed. This is your house we are talking about here! The handyman with the broken arm may be wanting to fix what he messed up, and that is absolutely respectable! BUT.......with a broken arm and financial responsibilities of his own to meet he may find himself in a morally compromising position.

Here at Precision we are asked from time to time if we have insurance. A question we can answer quite easily.... Yes. We are registered with the state of Indiana. We are insured and we are good at what we do! We are ready to take care of your projects!

Thanks for reading! I truly appreciate your time.

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